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The War Z renamed Infestation: Survivor Stories due to 'trademark issues'

We all expect the zombie apocalypse to be difficult, but The War Z has found the real world just as trying. Between being pulled from Steam, responding rudely to players, a forum hack, and, well, being widely slated, it's had a tough old time. Add another problem to the list: following "trademark issues", developer Hammerpoint Interactive has renamed the survive 'em up Infestation: Survivor Stories. I'd expect that's something to do with World War Z.

The War Z back on Steam, refund offer ends

The War Z is back on Steam after a troubled launch. A notice states that Hammerpoint worked with Valve on community feedback, and a patch has been issued for existing customers.

The War Z dev sorry for 'arrogant' responses

The War Z has had a pretty rough December. The zombified horror MMO launched on Steam on December 17, but was quickly beset with complaints about an info page that promised more than it delivered. Responses by pull the game. Titov must have been visited by a few Christmas spirits, as he has suddenly become a bit more contrite.

The War Z pre-orders pack early access

If you're already sold on the idea of open-world multiplayer zombie survive 'em up The War Z, perhaps nudged along by our preview, you can pre-order it from today to score early access starting later this month. Does the world need another zombie game? As much as it needs any other video game, really.

The War Z preview: Zombie apocalypse

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is hardly a new concept in games, with many of them visiting this idea through action games and shooters. The War Z, from Arkos Entertainment Group and Hammerpoint Interactive, takes the zombie game in bold new directions, placing a heavy emphasis on surviving in a desolate sandbox environment for as long as possible.

Zombie survival MMO The War Z announced

Say, you like scavenging for supplies in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the walking dead, don't you? If Day Z is too intimidating, you may fancy the newly-announced MMORPG The War Z, which seems to offer a slightly less hardcore "survival horror" experience but still has permadeath.

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