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Space Hulk DLC deploys Space Wolves forces

Space Hulk was more than a mite wonky at launch, but patching did fix up a fair few fan concerns. It still starred those boring old Blood Angels, though. A new DLC pack tackles that, adding the Space Wolves with their campy space-Viking weapons and powers. It chucks in a few icy extra missions too.

Space Hulk deploys three new missions and huge patch

Full Control's Space Hulk may be a mite wonky, according to critics, but it's trying to put that right. The developer today launched a hefty patch for its video game adaptation of the Games Workshop boardgame, with oodles of fixes and a new three-mission mini-campaign.

Space Hulk cleansing PC and Mac on August 15

Space Hulk will launch for PC and Mac on August 15 at $29.99, developer Full Control has confirmed, then hit iPad later this year. It's a faithful adaptation of Games Workshop's miniatures game, which sends Space Marine Terminators to cleanse drifting abandoned space ships of Tyranid Genestealers.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback downloadable 'diorama' shows off art style

With six days left on its crowdfunding campaign, retro "reset" Jagged Alliance: Flashback has only raised 65% of its goal. Oh, how tense! To tempt, tease and excite potential backers, developer Full Control has released a downloadable "diorama" with a rotatable in-engine peek at the art style it's bringing to the turn-based tactics 'em up.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback launches Kickstarter

Hey, you! You like good old video games, don't you? You grumble and gripe about today's games with the best of them, don't you? Well then, prove it. Frontline Tactics developer Full Control today launched a crowdfunding campaign for the old-school, properly-turned based tactical Jagged Alliance: Flashback. The studio would like a very reasonable $350,000 to make an old video game, like you keep telling everyone is best.

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