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Mega Man X blasts onto Wii U Virtual Console May 30

By Ozzie Mejia, May 28, 2013 11:00am PDT

Mega Man X is coming to Wii U's Virtual Console on May 30, with full Game Pad support for X's first adventure.


"I'm kinda pissed that they turned their attention to starting over on Wii U before even ..."

- Grape Flavor see all 2 comments

Super Mario Bros 2 on Wii U Virtual Console this week

By Steve Watts, May 13, 2013 4:15pm PDT

Super Mario Bros 2 is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday for $4.99, Nintendo has announced.


Virtual Console now available on Wii U

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 26, 2013 12:30pm PDT

By "imminent," Nintendo of America really meant it. Virtual Console is now available on Wii U.


"I just hope this means that SNES games start to become available for the 3DS, too. Is there any ..."

- BlackCat9 see all 14 comments

Earthbound coming to Wii U Virtual Console this year

By Steve Watts, Apr 17, 2013 7:45am PDT

Earthbound is coming to Virtual Console this year, Nintendo has announced.


"the NGC wasn't exceptionally successful and they rebounded with (I believe) the second best ..."

- pgharavi see all 37 comments

Nintendo reveals Virtual Console sale dates

By Steve Watts, Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm PST

Nintendo has outlined the dates for its Virtual Console promotion, which offers a series of seven games for 30 cents apiece in preparation for the Wii U functionality.


"He said it's BULLSHIT. I mean, hey, you spend 9.99 and get the same old shit with no upgrades ..."

- Endymion_ see all 11 comments

Wii U Virtual Console announced, adds GBA games

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 23, 2013 6:40am PST

So you've got yourself a shiny new Wii U, but you're longing for old games to play. Fear not, gentle player, Nintendo announced this morning that the Wii U's Virtual Console is on its way soon. Old games sold on the Wii U will come jazzed up with game saves, Miiverse Communi...


"thanks but no thanks Nintendo, its over between us. You're not the same anymore, you're too ..."

- jrsX see all 7 comments

Super Street Fighter II taking fight online on Virtual Console

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 14, 2011 5:30am PST

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers is coming to Wii's Virtual Console, Capcom has announced. Yes, again. This time, though, it'll be the Genesis edition, and will come complete with online multiplayer.


"Actually, the most bad ass port of the game arrived on the PC-Engine."

- leadgold see all 7 comments

3DS Ambassador game features detailed

By Steve Watts, Aug 12, 2011 9:00am PDT

Nintendo has detailed the features that will be included in the initial "priority delivery" versions of the NES games on September 1, along with new features to be added with an update, and GBA functionality.


"I bet the GBA games are basically running natively on the 3DS CPU. The GBA had an ARM7 CPU and ..."

- Prozium see all 5 comments

Shack PSA: 3DS Ambassador program registration ends Thursday night

By Steve Watts, Aug 09, 2011 12:15pm PDT

If you want to be in on the 3DS Ambassador program, which includes 10 free NES titles and 10 exclusive GBA titles, you should pick one up soon. You'll need to log on to the 3DS eShop by midnight on Thursday.


"The fact that some of those free games will never be offered to the general public is what ..."

- Topsiderover see all 22 comments

Two more 3DS Ambassador games revealed

By Steve Watts, Aug 02, 2011 7:00pm PDT

3DS Ambassadors program will reportedly receive Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, according to a Nintendo service rep. If true, this leaves three more GBA games to be revealed.


Nintendo 3DS price being slashed to $170

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 28, 2011 5:45am PDT

From August 12, the Nintendo 3DS will drop to $169.99--a cut of $80, and only $20 more than a DSi. Current 3DS owners are being offered 20 free Virtual Console games as thanks for buying early.


"1) Really? You're replying to a thread this old? 2) Yes, better. Sony's list of games was ..."

- Ebu see all 83 comments

Chrono Trigger coming to Virtual Console next week

By Xav de Matos, May 12, 2011 1:00pm PDT

Square Enix and Nintendo have confirmed it! The classic role-playing game, Chrono Trigger, is coming to the Virtual Console. The game will arrive on May 16 for 800 Wii Points.


"That just means they sold them all. Hopefully they'll make another batch since it sold well."

- capt tripps see all 10 comments

Chrono Trigger rated for the Wii by the ESRB

By Xav de Matos, May 02, 2011 11:00am PDT

The classic role-playing game Chrono Trigger has been rated for the Nintendo Wii by the ESRB, with all signs pointing to Square Enix bringing the game to the Virtual Console.


"thats ridiculous since a straight engine update would be a better game than the crap theyve been ..."

- bolneze see all 18 comments

Nintendo downloads: Prison, ink and varmints

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 11, 2011 6:00am PDT

This week's round of downloadable Wii and DSi releases includes an ink 'em up, a jailbreak adventure game, and a classic light gun demo



- creepjacked see all 3 comments

Nintendo downloads: Super Bonk

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 04, 2011 6:00am PDT

Monday morning brings a new round of downloadable releases for Nintendo's Wii and DSi, including SNES platformer Super Bonk and a DSi RPG.


"Once the Network Update scheduled for May hits, it should grant access to the DSiWare shop."

- Agrona see all 22 comments