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Mega Man X blasts onto Wii U Virtual Console May 30

Mega Man X is coming to Wii U's Virtual Console on May 30, with full Game Pad support for X's first adventure.


The future of Mega Man X remains up in the air, with no future installments of the series on the horizon. However, the classics remain and Nintendo's about to bring the inaugural chapter of the Mega Man spin-off to the Wii U's Virtual Console.

Nintendo has released a new trailer (via Polygon) that promises X's first adventure will arrive on May 30 with Wii Game Pad support.

Mega Man X takes players to the distant future, long after Dr. Light's passing, where X takes the role of "Maverick Hunter" to track down the villainous Sigma and his army of renegade robot masters. With its updated Super NES graphics and gameplay evolutions, such as collectible upgrades and ridable robot suits, MMX became a beloved and influential franchise of its own. It has gone on to inspire such game creators as Super Mario Crossover creator Jay Pavlina, who broke down exactly how much MMX has meant to him.

Mega Man X will release for $8 ($1.50 if you already own it on your Wii Virutal Console).

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