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Update: Ubisoft Executives Accused of Insider Trading Receive Sanctions From French AMF

By Jason Faulkner, Dec 12, 2016 6:20am PST

Ubisoft stands by employees regardless of French AMF's decision.


DS Screen Suppliers Probed in Price-fix Scandal

By Aaron Linde, Feb 28, 2008 2:28pm PST

Japanese electronics manufacturers Sharp and Hitachi, makers of the LCD screens used in the Nintendo DS, are under investigation for price-fixing,...


"Except, if the law is "as-written" here on shacknews, is just as abusable. You can price fix all ..."

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Halo 3 Scandals Explained; HD Resolution vs. 640p, Bungie Staff Leaving Microsoft?

By Chris Faylor, Oct 01, 2007 8:34am PDT

As with any high-profile game release these days, a few scandals have cropped up in the wake of Halo 3's launch last Tuesday. Apart from some...


"Now no more bitching about how PC users are more picky and moaney about their games."

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BioScandal Dwindles: Levine Promises Eventual Removal of DRM, Ends Betrayaltongate 07

By Chris Faylor, Aug 24, 2007 3:47pm PDT

Continuing this morning's progress towards resolving Aspect Ratiogate 07 and DRMgate 07, BioShock creative director Ken Levine has informed Joystiq...


"Errmm, I never accepted it. Has Valve removed the online activation of my HL2 retail box copy yet?"

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Wii Straps SCANDAL!

By Steve Gibson, Dec 15, 2006 10:00am PST

Well it looks like Nintendo has given in and will now be offering a program to replace wrist straps on Wii remotes for those of you who are afraid...


"If it's breaking when people are using it to play the games then it's not doing it intended job ..."

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Benchmarking Scandal!

By Steve Gibson, Dec 13, 2000 3:05am PST

The hardware scandal of the day is over at According to an anonymous source SiS may be cheating a bit to inflate benchmarks.


" they don;t cause half the time someone ends up with an SIS board, they don't even know what ..."

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Presidential Scandal 2

By Steve Gibson, Nov 10, 2000 4:50am PST

Since its the topic that wont die, here's the latest on the presidential scandal. With a re-count of all 67 counties in of Florida the new numbers...


" Canada ownz j00r stupid american ass. or any other ass, for that matter"

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Presidential Scandal

By Steve Gibson, Nov 09, 2000 3:32am PST

Ah yes, this is where its gonna start getting ugly. As most people know by now the US presidential election is currently in limbo awaiting a...


" suck it down you fucking anon. go suck some bisexual faggets cock. i hope you die of herpese ..."

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ATI Radeon Mini-Scandal

By Steve Gibson, Sep 22, 2000 2:31am PDT

A bit of a stink has been going on over ATI not being so informative about the clocking down of their OEM Radeon cards, HardOCP has the scoop and a...


"Scandal? this is common knowledge. ATI's been doing exactly this for like 4 years. OEM cards ..."

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The DVD Scandal

By Steve Gibson, Nov 05, 1999 11:47am PST

I've been following this story (and a followup)for a couple of days and some more has happened to it recently. The encription code for DVD was...


"Guys, please watch Lock, stock and two smoking barrels. A great english comedy flick. Must see. ..."

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