The DVD Scandal


I've been following this story (and a followup)for a couple of days and some more has happened to it recently. The encription code for DVD was hacked a little while ago by some programmers in Norway. Since then a couple of stories have shown up on ZDNet and CNN (Thanks SkilSare). As well as this note from the guy who did it I spotted on /. who is of course now wrangling with them lawyers. Oh yeah, while on that subject, My list of DVD must haves: Big Lebowski, Grosse Point Blank, Austin Powers, Matrix, Seven, 5th Element, Pulp Fiction, Something About Mary. Oh yeah, and I'd love it if they came out with Braveheart already, damn.

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    November 5, 1999 11:48 AM

    You forgot Army of Darkness in your movie list, dammit!

    -Ze BFF d00d

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