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Light Fall Review: Light Snack

By Ozzie Mejia, May 08, 2018 8:00am PDT

Light Fall's premise lends itself to running free across a shadowy world, but how well does Bishop Games live up to this potential? Our review.


Monster Prom Review: Everybody Run, The Prom Queen's...Undead

By Brittany Vincent, May 05, 2018 7:00am PDT

How does this ghoulish foray into the dating sim genre fare? Our review. 


Guns of Icarus Alliance: PS4 Edition Review: 99 Dead Balloons

By Blake Morse , May 03, 2018 6:00am PDT

Dust off your brass monocles and tophats and get ready to take to the stratosphere in this steampunk-inspired dirigible-fueled FPS.


Super Mega Baseball 2 Review: A Monster Dinger

By Chris Jarrard, May 01, 2018 2:05pm PDT

Metalhead Software dive into the details for their second crack at arcade-style baseball and deliver an all-star effort.


"This is the game with gold for this month on xbox right? I played a bit tonight and it was kinda ..."

- boarder2 see all 9 comments

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) Review: Funky Like a Monkey

By Ozzie Mejia, May 01, 2018 6:00am PDT

It's been nearly four years since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze released on Wii U. Is the addition of Funky Kong an improvement for the Nintendo Switch version? Our review.


"I find it criminal to say this isn't a great dkc game. I think a lack of enthusiasm (maybe ..."

- waldok0 see all 8 comments

Nintendo Labo Review: Throwing Fun into the Fold

By Brittany Vincent, Apr 30, 2018 4:30pm PDT

How do Nintendo's out-of-the-box creation kits really fare? Our review. 


"Finished - this makes me feel like it's definitely not for me. The potential with the garage ..."

- wunderbred see all 5 comments

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review: With Great Speed

By Charles Singletary, Apr 16, 2018 6:20pm PDT

Level-5 deliver an RPG with more of the dev team's own stamp on it, versus leaning on the Studio Ghibli influence.


"Loved some ps2 level 5 games. This one looks great but I fell off at the leaf book area. Enemy ..."

- bolneze see all 2 comments

The Council Episodic Review: Genre Evolution

By Charles Singletary, Apr 12, 2018 1:25pm PDT

Big Bad Wolf's new experience reveals a wonderfully refreshing take on episodic adventure games.


"This first episode was AWESOME and I hope more people check it out. Very cool game"

- redshak see all 3 comments

God of War Review: Growing Up, Kratos

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 12, 2018 12:01am PDT

Has fatherhood truly changed Kratos or is this God of War as everyone remembers it? Our review.


"GOD OF WAR!!!! (i am so taking an entire week off to platinum this game)"

- technotica see all 67 comments

Far Cry 5 PC Review - Fear and Lore in Hope County

By Bill Lavoy, Apr 02, 2018 9:00pm PDT

Far Cry 5 surprised me in a lot of ways, some pleasant and others not so much.


"Unintelligible cave man grunts would be much preferred to Far Cry 5's story heh"

- bill crystals see all 18 comments

Detective Pikachu Review: The Great (Electric) Mouse Detective

By Brittany Vincent, Mar 29, 2018 6:00am PDT

Will this wacky new Pokémon spinoff get off scott-free or is it guilty of crimes against the 3DS? Our review. 


"a shame it's not Danny DeVito, but pretty obvious they're going for a DeVito impersonation at least"

- RikiTiki2 see all 5 comments

Razer Blade Stealth Review: An Undersized Brute

By Chris Jarrard, Mar 27, 2018 3:05pm PDT

The Razer Blade Stealth is a nuke in a suitcase that is a few faults from being perfect.


The Alliance Alive Review: Come Together

By Brittany Vincent, Mar 26, 2018 12:35pm PDT

How does Cattle Call's latest throwback Nintendo 3DS RPG fare? Our review. 


A Way Out Review: Bring a Friend

By Sam Chandler, Mar 22, 2018 9:02am PDT

It’s nice to play a purely co-op game, but does A Way Out offer enough? 


"This was my assumption leading in. Choosing between two different ways to approach a situation ..."

- SerfaSam see all 3 comments

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review: Ebb and Flow

By Kevin Tucker, Mar 20, 2018 4:30pm PDT

Players looking for fast-paced co-op action will be swept away in the current of Fatshark's latest blood-soaked adventure.


"The two I run in Champion (Sienna and Kerillian) are 400+ at this point. I have like 65 hours so ..."

- Rehevkor see all 18 comments