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About the Author Edit

Tomorrow night: Depeche Mode concert in Vegas.
Saturday morning: Driving to LA for a charity poker tournament.

There's a nice sale going on in the Xbox digital storefront.

Shame the fact that you have to purchase each title individually is triggering fraud alerts on my card.

I'm not going to have a day off until Thanksgiving.

Front row for Postmodern Jukebox.

Front row for Postmodern Jukebox.

"Alan Wake II" fails miserably on Windows 11 with a Microsoft mouse with the built-in drivers because the scroll wheel feels broken but only in-game.

I have finally installed the Intellimouse drivers for Windows 11 and will try running it again tomorrow to see if it sucks less dick.

All of the Shacknews Game Jam Fall 2023 Developers Choice Prizes have been sent out.

Once I get the prizes for the Editors Choice awards, those will be sent out by 11/17/2013.

There is about a 99% chance that this will be the last Shacknews Jam I run until next fall.

I have new glasses.

I've set my Twitter profile to private.

I'm not going to burn my book just because I disagree with the publisher on...everything, but I think I'm done adding value over there.

Late entry window for the Shacknews Jam is over.

Hello, Meet Lola