What should Indie-licious play on April 12?

What should Indie-licious play on April 12?

I've always said there's too many indie games I get to choose between each week. What would you like to see me play on Indie-licious next?


The best part of a show like Indie-licious is that every week I go into Steam's New and Trending section and I never fail to walk away with less than three games I would love to play on the show. There's so much to play and I often keep them on hand and wishlist things left and right to see if I can circle back. It's a good problem to have. But Indie-licious wouldn't be anything without its viewers. What if I put a little choice in your hands in Year 2 of Indie-licious?

I'd like to experiment with this good problem a little bit and invite viewers of Indie-licious to take part in the feast of their choosing. As always, I've come away with several indies I'd like to play on the show, so I've featured those choices in a poll below along with a little bit about each game! Let me know which one you'd like to see played on the show or share a game of your own you'd like to see!

Here's a little bit about the games on the poll


Adios comes from the studio simply known as Mischief. It's a first person choice-driven narrative. You play a pig farmer that has been... "handling" bodies for the mob for years. Now you want out. When a hitman arrives with a new body, you work up the courage to tell him the situation, but he doesn't want to have to do to you whatever he did to that body. There's no easy way out after all, and so you spend the day with him talking it out. The game is about sticking to your decisions and the choices you make with the time you have will determine your future.

Kaze and the Wild Masks

A cartoonish platforming adventure from SOEDESCO and PixelHive. Kaze and the Wild Masks gives you the role of bunny person Kaze. When an adventure for treasure leaves her friend Hogo cursed, Kaze goes on a journey to discover the power of the Wild Masks, master land, sea, and sky, and save Hogo from the curse that has spread chaos across the land. This is a colorful platforming adventure inspired by games of the '90s and featuring a lush artistic design and riveting action-platforming mechanics.

Airborne Kingdom

This is a city builder like few others. It's all fun and games on terra firma, but what if you were tasked with building and populating a kingdom in the skies? Airborne Kingdom comes from The Wandering Band. In it, the world has been splintered and its kingdoms have forgotten the connection that once made them a powerful civilization of trade and knowledge. When you discover technology that allows you to take to the skies, you and your people resolve to build your flying kingdom into something vast and grand to travel and connect the kingdoms of the world once more. A wholly relaxing and chill experience of enjoyable narrative and city management among the clouds.

Do you have a game you want to see on Indie-licious? The option is open! Feel free to share in the comments below and I'd be happy to see if about playing it on the show!

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