This Song is Stupid & I Can't Stop Thinking About It: King of the Monsters 2

This Song is Stupid & I Can't Stop Thinking About It: King of the Monsters 2

The American City theme from King of the Monsters 2 is the dumbest earworm. Suffer with me.


I really enjoy the halcyon days of arcades. And not just playing them, but really studying all of their elements. So often when I've got some free time, I'll watch a longplay of some arcade game or go looking for very specific elements of the game that I remember. The music especially stays with me. On that note, I was recently watching a longplay of SNK's King of the Monsters 2 (Neo Geo version).

No sooner did I get past the attract sequence, character select, and start-up before it hit me with this ridiculous track - the starting theme of the Level 1 - American City battle against Huge Frogger.

The laugh. The weird laugh sound effect. It's like someone trying someone trying to do a bad Joker impression, or maybe what an elephant having a giggle would sound like? I don't know! I feel like the rest of the song is kind of status quo Neo-Geo arcade butt rock for a first level.

Most importantly is that once this song gets into your head, it won't go away. Or at least it won't for me. I watched that longplay on Friday after work and the main hook of this song has been popping back into my wandering thoughts ever since.

I want to know what the story is behind that laughing sound effect. Whose voice is that? Why did they record that specific sample? Why is it part of the level 1 opening battle theme hook? Why is a laughing sound effect a prominent part of a leading song in a game about kaiju fighting eachother? I have so many questions.

I want to say this song sucks, but it's hard to really back that up when it's stayed with me as ridiculously as it has. So... uh... Well done SNK composers of 1992. I think you might have gotten me. What about y'all? Is there any weird or like... possibly bad arcade music that once you hear it you can't get it out of your head for the rest of the week?

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