Flaff Spring cut appreciation post

Flaff Spring cut appreciation post

We're coming to the end of Winter here in South Texas, so Silo AKA Flaff got herself a nice new haircut and bath.


Eventually, it starts to warm up in South Texas and March is fast approaching. That's no good for a fluffy dog like my lil' mini-Australian Shepherd Silo, AKA Flaff, AKA da loaf. So today she got a big haircut and a bath.

After the cut, Flaff bounded into my office all excited for pets and looking not quite so flaff (but still pretty flaff). So I got my camera and, without further ado, here's Spring 2021 Flaff:

She so happy. Love my doggo. Although they put a ribbon on her every they give her a haircut and she instantly goes bounding about like a bucking bowl trying to destroy its rider to try to get that thing off (which is what I suspect she came to me for in the first place).

Oh well, such is the way of the Flaff. Check out her December 2020 gallery for comparison!

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