Big splosion? Big splosion. Warning, big sound

Big splosion? Big splosion. Warning, big sound

On Indie-licious recently, we did Fireworks Mania, which is a firework sandbox sim. After much experimentation, we did splosion. Big splosion.


Do you like big splosion? I do. I grew up on big splosions in the Midwest, heading out to the countryside at my uncle's farm in rural Missouri every 4th of July with more than $500 worth of fireworks to light off. I've always dug good fireworks, whether we were lighting them off or I was seeing them at a rock show, sporting event, or other special event.

Imagine my delight when, as I was searching for new games for Indie-licious this last weekend and came across Fireworks Mania: a fireworks sandbox sim from a one-man developer where the whole purpose is just blowing stuff up and making creative arrangements. I played a whole bunch of the game on stream recently, exploring what each included firework did and how they handled. And then, for finale, we decided to see what would happen if you pack a ton of fireworks into a gas station. This happened:

Boom. Big splosion. Don't try this at home or wherever you keep your local gas station. I dunno. I'm not a gas station builder man. I'm a splosion man. And this is a good splosion. I dunno if anyone else has tried Fireworks Mania, but if you do, maybe you ought to share your creative splosions. I really hope the developer keeps up with this game because I really want to continue to create bigger and better coordinated splosions.

I wanna make more splosions.


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