skankcore64 voting is almost over for the next TERRIBLE game!

Tomorrow on Shacknews Twitch, the journey to beat all N64 games released in North America meets terrible game number two! Quest 64 was just the beginning, it's about to get so much worse.


During a rousing and enjoyable romp through Bomberman 64, I decided that the time has come for skankcore64 to undergo another trial by awful software. You could argue that Quest 64 is not a terrible game for a lot of reasons, and you'd be wrong, but it's at least playable! Now the real test begins.

There's just one night left in the poll for the next game played on stream tomorrow. Make your voice heard and bring the pain! Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup started strong as the early favorite but have since stalled. Powerpuff Girls and Superman were actually tied for a full day until the Man of Steel got a quick infusion of votes this morning. Be sure to cast your pick for my ultimate displeasure!

Whichever game wins, I lose! Check back in tomorrow for the beginning of another game and the opening of the salt mines!

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