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SHACKNEWS weather report for January 27, 2021 *** WARNING - ALERT - AGH ***

SHACKNEWS weather report for January 27, 2021 *** WARNING - ALERT - AGH ***

Shacknews weather report for January 27, 2021 - Severe LOL Warning


Today's Shacknews weather report calls for severe conditions, including the extremely high probability of multiple LOL-nados, accompanied by frequent and heavy downpours of INF and UNF

TAG occurrences are possible, but less likely (poor old-shack). WTF and WOW are also less likely due to a high and persistent level of cynicism that has built up and remains strong. 

WOW are more likely in the presence of Nixx2004 posts, however conditions don't seem favorable for that type of activity.

This disturbance is likely related to a recent increase in bovine flatulence and other emissions - perhaps we should have listened to those vegans all these years?


Well now, that was unintentional


Regardless, users should be aware of these conditions and plan accordingly.


In related news...

Weather in Canton is expected to remain frosty, however the long term models indicate thawing, sunshine, and possibly even rainbows.

We anxiously await a report from our dog-on-the-inside...stay tuned for updates!


Hold on to your butts!



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