Canton Ohio Weather Report

Canton Ohio Weather Report

It's time for the Canton Ohio Weather Report!

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Last year, I started posting daily weather reports from my hometown of Canton, Ohio. I believe these videos will eventually serve as anecdotal evidence of global climate change. Last week, I started posting these videos to the Shacknews Cortex platform. It's time for the Canton Ohio Weather Report! Please take a look.

It's currently 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2.78 degrees Celsius) in Canton, Ohio. The high today was 40 °F (4.45 °C). Low tonight will be 28 °F (-2.22 °C) and the wind chill is currently 32 °F (0.00 °C). Sorry I am late to posting today. I injured my eyes rolling them at white people who are still surprised by the siege on The Capitol. Please send your thoughts and prayers.

Tune in tomorrow for another Canton Ohio Weather Report and have a great day.

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