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Twitch: armyoftechno

Lola’s BFF. 

Alcoholism kills people, friendships, careers, and brain cells. It’s definitely a disease, and I wish everyone dealing with it the best.

I am still genuinely surprised and delighted that F-Zero 99 exists. #FZERO99

Another F-Zero 99 meme.

You know that scene where Mario and Luigi break through a brick wall in the Mario movie? The hole they leave is the shape of 8 bit Mario’s head. 10/10. #marionumberone

Screenshot of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

We shipped three bug fixes to Cortex Shouts:

1. Fixed the bug preventing Like and Boost buttons from displaying correctly after clicking Load More Stories.
2. Fixed Cortex Shout mobile article page image loading bug.
3. Clicking on profile pics now take users to Profile pages.

Read more here:

Mister Zero saying ‘You got boost power’

I saw some concept art for our next dev project and it made me laugh. So there's that :)

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