Marvel's Midnight Suns Friendship & Challenge guide directory

Marvel's Midnight Suns Friendship & Challenge guide directory

Need a hand boosting Friendships with your favorite heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and getting their ultimate abilities? Here are the guides I’ve been using.


Over holiday break, I’ve been almost exclusively playing Midnight Suns trying finish it. It’s an excellent game and one that deserves tons of praise as card collector/battler, another great Firaxis (most closely related to X-COM) strategy, and a deep and immersive Marvel hero dating sim. Yes, dating sim… mechanically anyways. See, you engage in conversations with the heroes regularly between missions and gain or lose friendship based on the dialogue you choose.

Now, we haven’t written guides because we’ve been on break at Shacknews, but that hasn’t stopped me from chasing good guides down to try to complete this game before I get back to work in 2023. Nightly Gaming Binge has been my go to for Friendship guides and their article layout is great with best answers, gifts, and hangouts for each character. However, their topic pages and main pages are a little messy. With that in mind, I wanted to make these guides as easy to reach as possible, so I wanted to create a directory of sorts that had the guides I’ve been frequently referencing. Without further ado, here are the Friendship guides:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Friendship Guides

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Challenge Guides

This is what all that friendship leads up to. Once you’ve researched the Forged in Hellfire project (Research Level 4), you can access challenges for each character you’ve gotten to Friendship Level 5 to earn their Midnight Suns costumes and some of their best cards. However, these challenges are some tough brain teasers, so I’ve also pulled together guides for that. Game Rant had my preferred style of guide for this particular topic. Here they are.

Again, I made this mostly because I’ve been going back to these guides so much I wanted an easier way to get at them in one place. That said, Midnight Suns is an excellent game and I hope you don’t pass it up because it came out so late this year. If you do play, maybe this guide directory will help you too. Happy heroing, and again, thank you to Nightly Gaming Binge and Game Rant for their impressive work with these guides!

By the way, are there any guides you want to see for Marvel's Midnight Suns? Anything you're having trouble with beyond these topics? Are you enjoying the game? Have critiques! Sound off. Would love to talk more about this game since it got left out for coming so late in 2022.

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