A few videos I find funny to (hopefully) brighten up your Thursday

A few videos I find funny to (hopefully) brighten up your Thursday

From the delicious Scoopski Potatoes to Pete Davidson in drag, here are some videos that'll hopefully make your Thursday a little bit better. 


I’ve been feeling a little meh lately, and today has also been a rough one for a multitude of different reasons. Because of this, I felt prompted to go and sift through some of my favorite funny videos I have saved to my YouTube favorites.

Some are newer, some are older, but the one common thread connecting them all is that they’re funny. Well… to me at least. And hopefully to you, as well! 

A few videos I find funny to (hopefully) brighten up your Thursday

Samir Mario Kart

"You're going to break the car, Samir!"

RuPaul and Chad

I feel like this was partially just an excuse to get Pete Davidson into full drag and I’m here for it. 

Bill Nye the Beer Guy (Chinese Intro)

“Beer, beer, beer, beer!”

Mom’s Spaghetti

Has this been around forever and done to death at this point? Yes. Is it still funny? I think so.

The Count Censored

This one’s an older one that I haven’t watched for a while but in rewatching it… yeah, it holds up.

Scoopski Potatoes

Impractical Jokers has a ton of funny moments, especially clips with Joe in them, but for me there’s just something so hilariously stupid about Scoopski Potatoes that makes it a standout for me.

Arctic Tern

"No Colin, that's wrong" 

Funny News Bloopers

I always love compilations like these, and this one's pretty dang good.


This is what I think of every time I hear the name Shaun. It's burned into my brain.

Hot Pocket

Every so often "hooooot pooockeeet" will pop up in my thoughts, both the one from the commercial and Jim Gaffigan's version. This was also just an excuse to use an image of a hot pocket as the featured image. 

And there you have it, some videos to hopefully brighten your Thursday. If you have any to share with me, drop them in the comments! 

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