Overwatch Is Teasing A New Event for Next Week

But wait. How exactly does Bastion celebrate Easter?


Blizzard loves the tease, but they are a bit more sophisticated about it than some companies. They don't give you 30-second JPGs or nine-second videos hyping a trailer. They usually include details that they expect sleuthing fans to try to figure out and talk about. Such is the case with tweety tease courtesy of Blizzard Australia/New Zealand.

The tweet hints at some sort of reveal for April 11. In the short video, you will notice a never-before-seen skin for Tracer, along with an unreadable QR code. What's interesting is that the official Facebook page also had the information, but that has since been removed. So it isn't clear if Blizzard ANZ jumped the gun or not, but something is planned for April 12. Given the timing, it could be Easter or spring-themed. Or tax day, technically.

Blizzard's last event, Year of the Rooster in January, offered new skins and a new Capture the flag mode. Of course, this wouldn't be the first misdirection Blizzard has thrown at us, so we'll just need to wait and see what drops next week.

Overwatch's latest hero Orisa was released two weeks ago. It is likely Doomfist is already in the works, and could be the next hero announced.

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