Agents of Mayhem Has a Release Date

Mayhem from the creators of Saints Row ensues this summer.


Volition has dropped a trailer titled “Bad Vs Evil” for their new project, Agents of Mayhem, alongside a release date. The studio and publisher Deep Silver announced that the game will be available in the US on August 15 and in Europe on August 18.

The cartoonish art style, along with the extreme chaos and humor is very reminiscent of the developers more recent Saints Row titles–so your feelings on that will come down to personal taste. The game's logo, featured prominently in the trailer and on the box art even looks like a futuristic take on the 3rd Street Saints logo. There seems to be a good variation of characters, with their own unique weapons abilities, skills, and personalities. Overall, what we get from this trailer definitely lives up to the games title: minutes of mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. When asked on Twitter about the possibility of the title hitting the Nintendo Switch, Volition said, “There are no current plans to release on Switch.” Agents of Mayhem will cost $59.99 when it arrives this summer.

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