Shack Shop Super Savings Spectacular: Signed Picture of Luca

Shacknews has a brand new line of really high quality value products that are hitting the Shack Shop today!


Asif announced a new line of products for the Shack Shop. Our Shack Analytics based on Chatty search showed us that while Shackers liked our more expensive and high quality T-Shirts, like the ClassicClassic Mini, and 20th Anniversary shirts, there was a gap in our product line. Shackers are smart buyers and today we have the products for you...

I can't do this. Shacknews has been losing money for years. Asif is begging me to do this. I guess he spent all the money on the E3 booth. We can't afford our AWS bill, but if we can sell enough stuff today we can make it to E3. So today, I really hope you open up your hearts and wallets to us by buying these new products. 

First up was a Signed Picture of Lola.

Next up is a Signed Picture of Luca. For only $5, I will sign this picture of my dog Luca. Do the needful. For Shacknews. 

Maybe if we raise enough money, Asif will stop crying.

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