Nintendo Banning Fire Emblem Heroes Cheaters

A connected game comes with cheaters following close behind.


Nintendo has begun to crack down on players who have been hacking Fire Emblem Heroes.

Gamers have been cheating to obtain multiple five star +10 Sharenas, though the game only provides one Sharena per player. As of update 1.1.0 Those who have been caught cheating receive a temporary ban from a number of the game's features, along with a special “To You” notification explaining the cause. It’s also become apparent that these cheaters may become unranked, losing their ability to play in social events.

The problem hasn’t yet been completely resolved, as there have still been many reports of players using hacked teams. It’s still nice to know Nintendo is working to create a fair environment for all of the games players. Fire Emblem Heroes is available for purchase on iOS and Android devices.

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