Modojo Rewind: Switch Hype, Party Hats, and Questionable Dragon Ball Art

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We're almost there, ladies and gentlemen. This is the last Modojo Rewind before the Nintendo Switch is finally released. As such, there's plenty of Switch-related news to talk about this week, from how to get yourself one if you missed out on a pre-order to new games that will be available for it. We've also got plenty of mobile games to talk about and some tech news to boot, so let's get started!


Nintendo Is Almost Ready To Switch It Up

With just a week left before the Switch is out in the world, Nintendo has been spreading the hype as much as possible. They've shown off their own unboxing video, and even talked about a couple more games that will be available at launch. Shovel Knight's new Specter of Torment campaign and Fast Racing Neo successor FAST RMX will debut on the Switch at launch, along with co-op puzzle game Snipperclips. Disgaea 5 Complete also received a Switch release date for May.

If you weren't able to nab yourself a pre-order, then you may want to check in with your local GameStop at launch anyway, as they seem to have a couple of extras for walk-ins. It's not all sunshine and rainbows for the Switch though, as Nintendo confirmed this week that the Virtual Console will not be available at launch.

Robot Unicorn Attack 3

It's Called Modojo For A Reason

There's never a shortage of mobile games to talk about, due in no small part to the revolving door nature of their popularity. Mobius Final Fantasy received a Final Fantasy VII themed updated with cards and a new class, while Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius got updated with a new story arc, esper, and more. Robot Unicorn Attack 3 has still only soft-launched in a couple of countries, but it's already getting updated in preparation for its full launch.

Pokemon Go is still popping into the news as well. With Pokemon Day right around the corner, you can catch a special Pikachu variant that rocks a party hat. Internet sleuths also narrowed down the locations of Gen 2 region-exclusive pokemon Heracross and Corsola. Finally, Futurama and Skylanders both have new mobile titles on the way.


Tick-tock, It's Tech O'clock

We don't just cover games over at Modojo, so for those of you who have an interest in the tech side of things, here's some other cool stuff that went down this week. AT&T announced they too will be offering unlimited data plans soon, as they were in no mood to be left behind by the likes of Verizon. SnapChat decided to finally start making money off of their new product and are now selling their Spectacles online in the U.S. rather than just in random yellow vending machines hidden around the country.

Samsung has reached out to Sony for their Galaxy S8 battery needs, which is hardly surprising after their factory caught fire not long ago due to the darn things. Rumors continue to spread about the iPhone 8, this time that its front facing camera will feature some 3D tech and that Apple won't be offering a 32 GB model. The HTC One X10 had some images leaked of its sleek new design ahead of its Mobile World Congress reveal. Some cool cat also put his skills to use making a Pebble watch face resembling the Resident Evil 7 device, and anything drawing more attention to that awesome game is worth talking about.

As usual, this is just a taste of all that's gone on over on Modojo this week. I do have one last fun little story to share, however, starring a wacky Japanese 3DS game called Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X. The lastest in Namco's digital card game series, Ultimate Mission X naturally looks to be the biggest and hypest entry yet, but what really stood out was a fun piece of art we spotted in the official trailer. A piece of art that genuinely had us questioning if fan-art was now being used in trailers. Enjoy that picture below, and have a good week folks.

Dragon Ball Heroes
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