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Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Adds New Missions and Operations

Scheduled for next week, this second DLC pack of the Season Pass is rather beefy.


Hot on the heels of the Watch Dogs 2 1.11 patch that changed the game's ending cinematic a bit, Ubisoft has revealed details on it's second DLC pack called Human Condition. The best news is that it is coming next week for PlayStation 4 players.

The pack will add three new operations - Bad Medicine, Caustic Progress and Automata - comprised of several missions each and are expected to add about five more hours of game play. 

"These operations fit snugly into the middle of the main story where DedSec has upped its game and is looking to tackle more hacktivist issues," Fabian Salomon, producer on the Ubisoft Paris team that developed the DLC, told the PlayStation Blog. "They’re picking targets that will help them not only gain followers and positive press, but also to fight back against abusive technology. With that said, you will need to have met a couple of the key players in your game before you can dive into these."

The DLC also adds a new Elite Co-op difficulty that will be more challenging than in the base game. "Unlike regular co-op missions, they take place in much larger parts of the world, blurring the lines between the open world and the mission area, " Salomon said. "They also combine multiple objectives spread throughout several zones, bringing more than 10 new mission objective combinations for these areas, and more than 30 new locations."

The new pack will drop on February 21 for PlayStation 4, then March 23 for Xbox One and PC. It follows the T-Bone DLC from late December. There will be three more pieces of DLC as part of the season pass.

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