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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough, Guides, and Collectibles

We give you the walkthroughs, guide content, and everything else you need to know to survive the horror of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard brings back the survival horror feeling of the original title in the series, and you'll have to be on your toes to make it out alive. Unlike the last few Resident Evil titles, RE7 is all about using your wits instead of your guns. This article will be a hub for our RE7 walkthroughs and guide content, where you can find the info you need to survive the Baker family and uncover the mysteries of Dulvey, Louisiana.

Resident Evil 7 is a complex game, so our guides and walkthrough will be updated regularly. If you don't see anything that helps you now, check back soon for more helpful info. Also, check out our Resident Evil 7 review to see just what we thought of Capcom's latest survivor horror title.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Hints and Tips

  • Don't always think the next area contains the answer to a puzzle or a new passageway to explore. Resident Evil 7 involves a lot of backtracking. Doors in areas may remain locked for hours until you can find a matching key. Sometimes you need to turn back to a previous location if you find yourself stuck. 
  • It's easy to find yourself getting comfortable if you accrue a sizable stack of ammo in Resident Evil 7. However, never fight unless you have to. Dumb enemies can't open doors, and rarely follow you far, so unless they're in the path of an objective, your best bet is to rush past them. The smarter enemies in the game will give chase, though, and sometimes your only choice is to put them down with gunfire. 
  • It's easy to panic in the face of a strong enemy, or multiple weaker ones surrounding you, but take a breath and aim carefully. Headshots usually do the most damage to enemies in Resident Evil 7, but a shot to the leg or arm of an opponent can slow them down long enough to let you slip away or put some more room between you and your foe before you take the next shot.
  • Item management is an essential component to Resident Evil 7's gameplay. You have eight item slots, and four equipment slots available when the game starts, so you have to be wise when you're collecting items. There are item boxes scattered throughout the game in save rooms that allow you to drop as many items off as you want. A rule of thumb is to drop off any items you don't think you'll immediately use.
  • When you enter a room, make sure to quickly access the entries and exits, as well as obstacles to movement. If there are enemies in the room, knowing where to escape to is essential.

Guides for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

In this section, you'll find guides on collectibles and secrets in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. If you're having trouble collecting Mr. Everywheres, Antique Coins, or you just want a guide to find out how to get a particular weapon, we've got you covered. Our guide content will feature a wide array of information about RE7, but if you find yourself stuck, suggest a RE7 guide with the form under "Contact Us" in the footer.

How to Save

If you’re having trouble figuring out just when Resident Evil 7 saves or not, this will help.

What's The Difference Between Resident Evil 7's Difficulty Modes?

This difficulty mode guide will help you choose the best difficulty for your first Resident Evil 7 playthrough.

How to Heal Yourself and Get First Aid Items

If you’ve found yourself struggling to stay alive in Resident Evil 7, this guide will tell you all you need to know about healing and first aid items.

Weapons List and Guide

This will show you all the weapons available in Resident Evil 7, and the best strategies to use them.

Find All Antique Coin Locations

If you're looking for Antique Coins to complete the "Pelican in Your Pocket" achievement or trophy, this guide will help.

Where to Get Repair Kits

We show you where to get the Repair Kits to fix broken guns.

Walkthroughs for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Here you'll find our Resident Evil 7 walkthroughs. If you're having a tough time on a boss or a puzzle, this is where you'll find the steps you need to take to keep moving forward in the game. We'll continue updating this section as time goes on so check back often!


How to Get Your First Gun

This walkthrough shows you how to get your first gun in RE7, twice.

How to Get Both Shotguns

We take you through the steps you need to take to get the M37 Shotgun and M21 Shotgun in this walkthrough.

What to do With the Toy Axe

We show you how and where to find and use the Toy Axe.

How to Beat Both Mia Boss Battles

Learn the best strategies to defeat Mia in both boss battles with her.

How to Beat All Three Jack Baker Boss Battles

Learn how to take down Jack "Daddy" Baker in this strategy guide and walkthrough.

How to Beat Both Marguerite Baker Boss Battles

Find out the best way to put Marguerite :Momma" Baker in the ground in this boss fight strategy guide.

How to Beat Eveline

We show you how to beat Eveline and end the horror for good in this strategy guide.

Solve the Dissection Room Key Puzzle

We show you how to solve the puzzle in the Incinerator Room and get your hands on the Dissection Room Key.

Solve the Happy Birthday Cake Videotape Puzzle Fast

Trying to get the "Out Before Dessert" achievement/trophy? Our puzzle walkthrough will get your through the Party Room as quickly as possible.

Video for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

RE7 Sneak Peek Gameplay Video

Get a sneak peek at Resident Evil 7 in this gameplay video.

Watch the First Hour of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

We take you through the first hour of RE7, commentary-free.

Guides and Walkthroughs for Resident Evil 7 DLC

How to Play Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC

We show you how to start playing the Banned Footage DLC.

How to Complete the Banned Footage Vol. 1 Bedroom Tape

Use this guide to help Clancy escape from Marguerite Baker's clutches in the Bedroom Tape.

How to Play Resident Evil 7: Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC

These are the steps you need to take to play the second round of Banned Footage DLC.

How to get the True Ending in the Banned Footage Vol. 2 Daughters Tape

We show you the steps to take to get Zoe's true ending in Daughters.

With these walkthroughs and guides, you'll have everything you need to survive the horrors of Resident Evil 7. We'll continue to update this hub as time goes on, so make sure to check back for more tips and tricks, hints, guides, and walkthroughs to help you solve the puzzles and mysteries of the Baker estate.

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