Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Making An Appearance at E3 2017

We'll be able to see the latest in Mario's adventures on the show floor this year, according to Reggie Fils-Aime. 


Super Mario Odyssey was announced during last week’s presentation of Nintendo’s newest home console, the Nintendo Switch. While it was given a tentative release date of the holiday season of 2017, it wasn’t clear whether or not during the presentation that we’d be seeing the game at E3 2017 this year or when we’d ever get our hands on it ahead of time.

Now, according to Reggie Fils-Aime by way of IGN, the game will indeed be available to check out at E3, which isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s still great to have some sort of confirmation since it was one of the most exciting announcements from the Nintendo Switch livestream. According to Reggie:

"The only decision that was made from an E3 consideration standpoint was ‘do we show Super Mario Odyssey from a hands-on perspective today versus E3?’ And we’re going to show it at E3, but at least from a Nintendo perspective, there’s no other consideration that is driven by E3.”

At the very least we’ll hear more details about the game during the enormous gaming industry event. It’s not clear if we’ll get any hands-on time with it at the show, but it sure is good to know more is coming by the summer since this looks like one of the most ambitious Mario titles yet.

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