Nintendo reveals Super Mario Odyssey for Switch, will release this holiday season

Nintendo announced Super Mario Odyssey as an exclusive for its Nintendo Switch console/handheld system. No Nintendo platform is complete without at least one game featuring the company's world-famous mascot.

Super Mario Odyssey marks a return to sprawling, sandbox environments. Mario's new 3D adventure will be his first since 2002's Super Mario Sunshine. Playing as Mario, players will run and jump their way across a blend of environments. Some of these environments with be real-world-themed such as cityscapes. For example, the debut trailer showed Mario hopping on taxicabs like trampolines. Some worlds Mario visits will be fantastical, like the pastel colored world we say during the reveal.

Mario's cap is more than decorative this time around. It's sentient, and players will be able to fling it at enemies and blocks. The cap's full role in Super Mario Odyssey isn't known yet, but it was built up to be a big deal during the reveal livestream.

Nintendo aims to release Super Mario Odyssey during the holiday 2017 season for $59.99.

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