Cemu Wii U Emulator Now Allows for 4K Streaming on PC

See Mario in all of his ultra high-def glory. 


An experimental graphics emulator for the Wii U is now capable of outputting several games in ultra high-definition 4K resolution.

Version 1.7.0. of Cemu, the emulator available on Windows PC, has made it possible to play games including Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Super Mario 3D World at a much higher definition than before. Check out Bayonetta 2 inthe video below. 

The process is difficult to pull off on a Wii U, which is capable of rendering at a maximum of 1080p. In order to get the 4K output, the developers behind Cemu have to literally patch the game code itself or “implement game-specific hacks” into the system.

The graphics packs for this emulator are now available for Cemu’s Patreon backers and will be rolled out to the public on January 16.

Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console will likely be a step up in graphical capabilities for the manufacturer, although at this point in time it’s unclear whether or not it will support 4K. In fact, we have several questions about the Nintendo Switch that remain unanswered. Luckily, we’ll have more details about it as soon as this week.

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