Oculus Has Purchased an Eye-Tracking Company

The Eye Tribe visual tracking may be in the next Oculus Rift.


Eye-tracking could add a refinement to control that current VR headsets lack. Oculus may be seeking to remedy this issue with their purchase of Danish company The Eye Tribe. Instead of having to move your entire head to point a cursor, the next generation of Oculus Rift may have gaze-based control.

With gaze-based control, you could interact with a cursor using only the movement of your eyes, which could open a whole new dimension of VR interactivity. The Eye Tribe has also worked on foveated rendering for VR, which helps increase VR performance by limiting scene rendering to only the environment within a headset's view.

With the purchase of The Eye Tribe, Oculus may have killed two birds with one stone. Having a new control method and wider compatibility would go a long way towards influencing customers on the fence to purchase a VR headset.

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