Access Your Raspberry Pi from Anywhere With Dataplicity

Dataplicity helps improve your Internet of Things by making it easier to access your Raspberry Pi.


The Raspberry Pi is an extraordinary little machine. It can be programmed to be a full-featured computer, control robotics, be the brains of a smart home system, and thousands of other things. However, if you've ever tried to work out connecting to your home network remotely, you know it can be a huge hassle without services like DynDNS, setting up a VPN or Port Forwarding, or paying your ISP for a static IP. Elliot Mackenzie has a one-size-fits-all fix for that in Dataplicity.

Dataplicity is designed to make the business of remotely connecting to your Raspberry Pi easier. The program is, in essence, a one-click configure VPN that allows you to utilize the Pi's command line, admin functions, and even create a "wormhole" that allows you to run a mini website.

Setting up Dataplicity is easy. You just have to submit your email address to the website and enter the line of code you receive into your Raspberry Pi. This command creates a new user on your Pi and activates the VPN tunnel which you can then use remotely.

With the power of small, inexpensive devices like the Raspberry Pi increasing more and more each year, the Internet of Things is growing to be a more and more essential part of everyday life. As time goes on, more solutions that allow the laymen to use these devices will have to be developed. However, for now, Dataplicity does a great job at making the frustrating task of remotely connecting to your Raspberry Pi a lot easier.

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