This Raspberry Pi Zero Runs Doom 2 in a toy chainsaw

Everyone who has been at Shacknews or in Chatty for any length of time has fond memories of id Software and Doom. No matter what you might think of the newest incarnation due later this month, or homages to the spirit of the original shooter, Doom will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So you really have to give some credit to Doom lover George Merlocco, who took a Raspberry Pi Zero and merged it with a toy chainsaw to come up with the Painsaw that runs Doom 2:

Merlocco goes into some detail about how he got the game to work, and how he modded the Echo Junior toy chainsaw, complete with pictures. "Yes, it’s pretty gruesome," he says of the photos, "but Doom is a no-holds barred take on slaying demons from hell in any (often bloody) way possible. I like to think this Painsaw is fresh from glory-killing a Cyberdemon."

As for the emulation, Merlocco said he used Doom 2 since players get the chainsaw at the start of the game. But for the video, "I left the datestamp of the first Doom release date, because that's when it all began. This Painsaw is a tribute to EVERYTHING DOOM."

Head on over to the site if you want the technical details of how he put the thing together, but it is pretty impressive. It would be great to have one of those hanging on the wall.

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