Valkyria Revolution is Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Spring 2017

Another war, in an alternate timeline.


Squad 7's Valkyria Revolution is making its way across the Pacific this coming Spring. Although it doesn't share the same locale as the Valkyria Chronicles series, you'll get a chance to see familiar concepts and the return of the Valkyria and the mineral ragnite.

Valkyria Revolution follows five lifelong friends who in their quest for revenge, plunge a whole continent into war. Whether the Circle of Five will be remembered as revolutionary heroes or for villains for motivating their homeland to rise against their imperialist overlords is a key theme of the plot.

Unlike Valkryia Chronicles the combat takes place in real-time. You'll still have to deal with tactical decisions, though, and you'll have to balance your squad between offensive, defensive, and supporting roles. The squad AI is highly customizable, and you can adjust each member down to which targets they should prioritize and what weapons they should rely on. You'll have to shepherd your team carefully too because, like the Fire Emblem series, when they die on the battlefield, they're dead for good.

The heady tale of revolution told in Valkyria Revolution is just what the doctor ordered for jRPG fans. If you like tactical RPGs this should scratch your itch as well. You can get your hands on Valkyria Revolution sometime in Spring 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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