New trailer for Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters expansion revels in utter destruction

What goes up, must come down. Preferably in a tornado.


Natural Disasters, the third DLC expansion for Cities: Skylines, went live today, and the launch trailer shows off what Mother Nature has in store for your fair cities (via PC Gamer).

Among other catastrophic events previewed by developer Colossal Order, Natural Disasters adds earthquake, forest fires, and tornadoes. It also enables disaster alerts such as an emergency broadcast network, and response options.

You'll also find Natural Disasters options for the scenario editor, which are freely available to everyone, as well as pre-built scenarios.

"Natural Disasters expansion includes 5 pre-made scenarios to challenge disaster masters, with custom game objectives such as starting cities, win conditions, time limits, losing conditions and more," according to the official product description from publisher Paradox Interactive. The Natural Disasters Scenarios expands on the Scenario Editor, which is a free update for all players that allows them to create and share their own custom made scenarios."

Some disasters break out organically. If you're feeling particularly annoyed, you can trigger them yourself. In either scenario, you can choose whether to dispatch relief efforts and keep your city on track, or doom your virtual peasants to the fallout.

Natural Disasters for Cities: Skylines runs $14.99.

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