Our Dream Nintendo NX Launch Game Lineup

We consider  some of the games we'd really love to see launch on the NX, including F-Zero, Pokemon, and Metroid. 


So, the NX is being unveiled next week. Maybe. It’s still a rumor, but...we’re pretty confident there will be something related to Nintendo’s upcoming console breaking next week. With the release of the console only a few short months away, we’re long past due to see a reveal, and man would it be nice to finally lay some of these NX rumors to rest.

While we wait to see what Nintendo’s preparing to roll out next, here are some games we’d really love to ship alongside the (possibly) handheld/console hybrid. Visit Chatty and tell us some of the games you’d like as well!


Fast Racing: Neo was a solid game on the Wii U, but being an indie game, it had its limitations. We’re long past due, and to see a new, F-Zero futuristic racing game on the NX would be brilliant.

Advance Wars

Since it may very well have a handheld element to it, we’re hopeful to see a brand new take on Advance Wars make its debut on the new console. It’s one of the most fun and memorable strategy games in our modern era, and an updated version with new ideas, mechanics, and art would be wonderful indeed.

Pokemon Battle Arena (with Amiibo support)

This is a dangerous, albeit potentially  money-printing idea. Make fully supported Amiibo for a set number of the most popular Pokemon, then give them the ability to be imported into a Battle Arena MOBA with the coolest, cutest, and most unique pocket monsters in Pokemon’s extensive roster today. Develop it so it’s friendly for the average player, and this has the potential to be huge.

Pokemon MMO

How great would it be if you could meet up with friends and travel all over a fantasy world while catching adorable creatures, fighting against other trainers, and completing quests for various NPCs throughout the land? A Pokemon MMO has long been one of the best games never made, and a new, more powerful console seems like a great opportunity to bring this to fruition.

Pokemon Snap NX

We’re still sad Pokemon Snap never got a new installment on the Wii U, especially because the gamepad camera seems like the perfect integration for the game and the console. But, it’s never too late to revive and update one of the strangest, yet most beloved Pokemon spin-off games in history.

Metroid NX

This could be done one of two ways: make a first-person game in the same vein as Metroid Prime, complete with the same detailed, atmospheric exploration that was so incredible about the first entry. Or, make a faithful side-scrolling 2.5D game with similar ideas as Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo. It’s high time we saw Samus in action again, and the NX is the perfect fresh start for her.

Cities Skylines NX

Cities: Skylines is the Sim City people have wanted for years, complete with brilliant mechanics, a smart aesthetic, and satisfying city-building. Should the NX have touchpad support and a stylus like the Wii U, Skylines would fit nicely on the new system, complete with all its DLC.


It’s been far too long since we last were able to take care of puppies on our virtual devices. Now, imagine virtual Corgis, Labradors, Collies, Huskies, and all of the other dog breeds available to take care of in HD. It’s even feasible to make the game free-to-play and charging a small fee for each dog breed afterward.

Dr. Mario

One can never have too many puzzle games, and Dr. Mario is a classic. Time to revive it with all-new mechanics and put it on the NX at launch.

Super Metroid/LoZ Maker

This one is a pretty basic must-have. Considering the success of Mario Maker and how much fun it was to create your own custom Mario levels, imagine how cool it would be to craft your own Zelda and Metroid adventures complete with all of their iconic items.

Brain Age

Brain Age offers a lot of smart puzzles in a quick, on-the-go format that appeals to a lot of people across the age and gender divide. Let’s get more brain-training puzzles that can be taken on the go, should the NX be a console/handheld hybrid.

Elite Beat Agents 2

Elite Beat Agents was a bizarre pop music rhythm game in which the player guides a team of agents who exist to help cheer people on through their challenges. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, and it’s more than past due for a sequel. Why not put that in with the launch of the NX as a weird, experimental way to test the console’s capabilities?

Castlevania NX

By Castlevania, I mean something more in the same vein as Symphony of the Night. Make it 2.5D with beautifully stylized graphics, new monsters to fight, cleverly-designed levels, and a decent story driving everything forward.

Runbow 2

A lot of great indie games eventually wind up on the Wii U, and that’s exactly where Runbow started. A tough-as-nails platformer, Runbow’s level layouts are constantly shifting as the colors above alternate from side to side, angle to angle. It’s a game where you cannot afford to lose focus for even a second, unless you have a wish for an unsatisfying death.  

New Super Mario Bros. NX

A new Super Mario Bros. game would be fantastic, especially considering some of the awesome offerings available on the Wii U. Give us a tweaked mechanic, add in more characters and stunts, and enable online multiplayer alongside couch co-op to make this the perfect night in.

Nintendo Kart

The inclusion of Link and the Animal Crossing villager--among other characters--in Mario Kart 8 was hopefully a signal that Nintendo is planning to expand beyond the confines of Mario and his pals to open the doors to all NIntendo characters past and present to join them on the race track, much like in Super Smash Bros.

Wonderful 102

Platinum Games’ Wonderful 101 wasn’t perfect, but it was a decent showcase for what the Wii U could do. It had its own sense of humor, personality, and style, and we’d love to see it get another shot on the NX.

Splatoon 2

Nintendo is not one to release new IPs regularly, and Splatoon is one of its best. Nonviolent, interesting gunplay, great use of strategic movement and methods, and a great soundtrack to boot. A sequel with new modes and features would be most welcome on the new console.


There’s been a dearth of extreme sports games over the past few years, not the least of which is motocross and ATV racing games. It’s a shame, too, because these can be so much fun when done well. Time to dust off Excitebike and create a brand new racing game with HD graphics and portable functionality.

HD Remakes

Yes, it’s arguable that we’re just bringing back old games by leaning on remakes. But, Nintendo has such a vast and impressive history of games, and remaking them would allow so many players access to classics they might have missed out on. We’ve seen what they can do with Wind Waker; now let’s get Metroid Prime and a bunch of others made into more polished versions of themselves.

GCN Games

The GameCube was a strange generation for Nintendo, but it was home to some of the most notable games in history. Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, Mario Sunshine, Resident Evil 4...it’s a near-inexhaustible list of games that went on to be some of the most influential in history. With the NX, it would be awesome to be able to purchase those games again, this time as digital downloads available on the eShop.

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  • reply
    October 14, 2016 4:15 PM

    Cassidee Moser posted a new article, Our Dream Nintendo NX Launch Game Lineup

    • reply
      October 14, 2016 5:49 PM

      Metroid in the list, everything checks out.

    • reply
      October 14, 2016 7:20 PM

      The only thing that could convince me to buy this thing on launch day is a new Mario Kart. I really hope they announce one.

      • reply
        October 14, 2016 10:32 PM

        Unlikely, but there's been a couple rumors (taken with salt) that they're going to release a remaster of Mario Kart 8 with new tracks and maybe a couple new characters. Apparently they're going to do the same with Splatoon and SSB as well. Makes sense anyway considering how much has been said about wanting a great lineup at launch. Not just new games.

        I really feel like the next Mario Kart is more likely to be a "Maker" title anyway, but that's just me and a complete baseless guess.

        • reply
          October 15, 2016 1:47 AM

          Oh god, like creating tracks in Stunts but for Mario Kart? Sign me the fuck up.

          • reply
            October 15, 2016 9:09 AM

            Yea that would be pretty incredible. I would love to see what kind of crazy shit people can dream up.

    • reply
      October 15, 2016 8:19 AM


    • reply
      October 15, 2016 8:27 AM

      For me, Donkey Kong Country NX would be on there. And possibly at the top of the list.

    • reply
      October 15, 2016 8:54 AM

      A new Eternal Darkness please.

    • reply
      October 15, 2016 9:04 AM

      We will actually get maybe 1 out of every 5 of those, spread out over 5 years, each title 1 year later than anticipated, 2 years later than hoped. I understand Nintendo is a very different company than they even were 5 years ago, but their output as a 1st party software company is only setup for even more disappointment.

    • reply
      October 15, 2016 9:47 AM

      I am all for some fully fleshed out 2.5D platformers. For years the format has been eschewed in favor of fully 3D titles, but they are different beasts. I love the SM Galaxy series and Metroid Prime, but there is also room for some good side-scroller Metroid and Castlevania titles. Hopefully with the success of New SMB, Mario Maker and DKC, Nintendo recognizes the viability of the format.

      Also, new F-Zero would be UNF.

    • reply
      October 16, 2016 3:22 AM

      More like a list of things that we won't get.

      Except the HD Remakes, of course.

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