Civilization 6 offers multiple leaders for each civilization

Multiple leaders, each with their own style.


Previous games in the Civilization franchise didn’t allow for your civilization to be led by more than one leader. That is about to change with Civilization 6 with the addition of Gorgo, another leader for Greece. Pericles was already known to be the leader of Greece but Gorgo wasn’t.

Gorgo will have a different style of play in the game as compared to Pericles. She will also have her own special attack/ability called Thermopylae, which gives Greece a culture boost every time an enemy is vanquished in battle. You’ll receive half of the defeated enemy’s base strength. Anytime you get a strength bonus, that’s a win in strategy games.

If there wasn’t a reason to decide between leaders, Civilization 6 wouldn’t even have them in the game. As was mentioned, Gorgo and Pericles have different abilities but they also have different styles of play. It is also important to note that each leader will have different locations their unit will have access to during gameplay. It will be interesting to see just how different each leader is when Civilization 6 releases for PC on October 21.  

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