The Division's PTS is now available on PC to test its upcoming update 1.4

Want to test out The Division's October update 1.4 prior to its official release? Then head on over to your PC so you can take part in the game's Public Test Server.


The Division’s Public Test Server (PTS) is now available to join for all PC players who own the game on Uplay.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announced it would be launching its PTS last month, but were forced to delay its initial release. Its delay wasn’t very long as Massive said last week we should be expecting its release on September 26.

Those who own the Uplay version of The Division on PC can proceed to join the PTS in order to gain early access to its upcoming 1.4 update, which includes the removal of scavenging from the game, giving World Tier 2 gear all three base stats, scaling down additional bonuses to fit the new game balance, and more. The update will also World Level tuning, nerfing bullet sponge enemies, and random boss encounters.

For those interested in checking out The Division’s PTS, here’s what you’ll need to do in order to gain access:

  • Go to Uplay and access “My Games” or to your “Library” on Steam.
  • Find the PTS version of The Division as it will be a separate listing from The Division
  • Download around 45GB of its client

Just note your current Agents won’t be transferred over to the PTS. Instead, you’ll be given the opportunity to create a new level 30 character equipped with purple items. Once created, you’ll be able to play at Tier 1 and progress up to Tier 4.

If you own the Steam version of The Division, its PTS has yet to launch, although Massive says we should expect it to be made available later today.

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