Shack Giveaway: Heroes of the Storm 'Machines of War' Bundles

The new Heroes of the Storm 'Machines of War' adds a new hero, new skins, and new mounts. And we're just giving them away!


Heroes of the Storm launched its 'Machines of War' update last week, packing loads of new content including a new hero, a new event, and more. Thanks to Blizzard, Shacknews is giving away ten (10) copies of the Machines of War bundle, which includes:

  • New Hero: Alarak
  • New Skins: Herald of N'Zoth Alarak, Raider Rexxar, Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan, The Butcherlisk
  • New Mounts: Ghost Speeder, Obsidian Cyber Wolf
  • Heroes also included: Kerrigan, The Butcher, Rexxar

Entries close at 11:59 PM PT on September 25. For more on the Machines of War update, check out our interview with game designer Jade Martin

Heroes of the Storm 'Machines of War' Bundle Giveaway

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