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Ashley Johnson is up for playing Ellie in a sequel to The Last of Us

Assuming Naughty Dog ever makes a sequel, should it focus on (or even allude to) Joel and Ellie?


Ashley Johnson played Ellie in The Last of Us, and would love to reprise her role in a sequel, provided one happens.

"I feel like if they were to pursue it again, if they were to have another story for Ellie or Joel or that whole world, I would totally jump on board," Johnson told GameSpot in an interview centered on Critical Role, an online D&D show featuring video game actors and the occasional celebrity guest.

As much as I loved The Last of Us, I feel torn over the idea of Naughty Dog even considering developing a sequel. On the one hand, they'd get my money, assuming Neil Druckmann directs. On the other hand, Joel and Ellie's story felt complete. Should a sequel materialize, I'd prefer Naughty Dog close their chapter and follow other characters.

Johnson seems to feel more or less the same way. "But you know there's also a part of me that thinks, 'Man, the story could stand alone,' and sometimes we should just leave it alone. If they were to make another one, though, I would love to be a part of it."

Rumors in regards to a Last of Us sequel have swirled off and on for years. Sony registered domains for The Last of Us 2 and 3 back in 2013. That doesn't really prove anything; publishers often pounce on domains to hedge their bets on the off chance they decide to spin off sequels, and to prevent others from squatting.

Another rumor carries more weight. Back in 2015, actor Nolan North, who voiced a character in the original The Last of Us, let slip that Naughty Dog was working on a sequel. His quote contains spoilers that may or may not pan out in the event a sequel comes to fruition, but the spoiler-free segment begins: "For now, last one I know they’re doing a Last of Us 2..."

In the meantime, there's always the Last of Us movie adaptation to look forward to—assuming it ever gets out of development hell in Hollywood.

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