The Division expansions delayed to fix core gameplay issues first

Update 1.4 will hit in October, with Survival and Last Stand coming out later.


The Division has had its share of problems, and Ubisoft and developer Massive have been scrambling to fix them quickly. However, to get all the fixes done, the game's next two expansions will be delayed in favor of a large bug-fixing update in October.

Update 1.4 will focus on improving "the core gameplay experience," the dev team said in a blog post. The focus of the update will be:

  • Fixing bugs, including those listed in our Known Issues as well as many other ones
  • Making loot drops more relevant to the player
  • Enemy difficulty and time to kill
  • Gear Sets and weapons balancing
  • Solo player experience
  • Dark Zone and PvP balancing
  • Quality of life additions based on community suggestions (such as weapon skins no longer taking inventory space)

With that in mind, the team is pushing back the Survival DLC to later this year. It was originally supposed to come out along with Update 1.4. In turn, the final DLC, Last Stand, will now come out in early 2017.

"This ongoing effort will begin with Update 1.4 where we will address some of the most pressing issues, such as bugs, loot and time to kill and set the foundations for future improvements such as PvP and Dark Zone," the team said. A livestream is planned for September 13 to outline all the changes.

During today's maintenance, two items were also addressed:

  • Fixed a bug where daily missions would reset after re-logging back into the game, allowing them to be completed multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where sawed-off shotguns would benefit from the 4-piece AlphaBridge set bonus; sidearm talents are no longer enabled by this effect.

 An Agent Intel section has been added to the forums to discuss various  topics, polls, and theory crafting, where the team will solicit even more feedback from the community.

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    August 25, 2016 9:47 AM

    John Keefer posted a new article, The Division expansions delayed to fix core gameplay issues first

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      August 25, 2016 9:47 AM


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      August 25, 2016 9:53 AM

      October is pretty packed for shooters. They're going to have a tough time bringing people back that month.

    • reply
      August 25, 2016 10:01 AM

      Lol this game is dead. Never buy season pass ever again before game comes out.
      Their last state of the game you can tell they know this game is pretty dead so many brain dead issues that the devs leave in or don't listen to community freed back.

      • reply
        August 25, 2016 10:07 AM

        I'm so annoyed ( even though I didn't buy the season pass and I did get the base game at a discount) because I loved the trip to the level cap. The game looked fantastic and the gunplay was really satisfying, but the end game was an absolute disaster and the content they've put in since release has been completely uninspiring. I WANT this game to be awesome because I loved the gameplay so much.

        • reply
          August 25, 2016 12:28 PM

          It plays well and I love the atmosphere of the early game, but once mission repetition sets in and gear variety turns to shit the game falls off a cliff.

          I'm glad they're fixing it up but it'll be too late for a lot of people. So many dumb design and QoL issues in this game seem to be "working as intended" until the community speaks up - I think the developers have a real problem with their team leads and with test feedback.

          • reply
            August 25, 2016 2:28 PM

            When they finally realized hard mode gear should drop in hard/normal modes as a way to gear up for challenge mode.

            Instead all challenge mode gear dropped in challenge mode only haha. Unless you cheesed or exploited you weren't getting top end gear.

            • reply
              August 25, 2016 2:58 PM

              yeah a main part of why I stopped playing (aside from other big games being released like NMS and DX: MD) is that getting geared up for any Incursions or Underground missions above Hard is fucking impossible unless you have a tight crew. Trying to slum it up with randos is impossible and I'm tired of getting lame 182 gear score trash.

        • reply
          August 25, 2016 2:23 PM

          what gunplay? hold button down to auto-aim with laser accuracy then proceed to press fire button until target is dead. reload. repeat.

        • reply
          August 25, 2016 3:08 PM

          I didn't find the gunplay to be satisfying at all, to be honest. It only got worse at max level when enemies became the textbook definition of bullet sponges.

    • reply
      August 25, 2016 2:23 PM

      Didnt they admit they cant ever fix the cheating?

    • reply
      August 25, 2016 2:38 PM

      I bet Ubi really wants to sweep this one under the rug, but just can't because it's multiplayer.

    • reply
      August 25, 2016 3:47 PM

      I bought the edition with the expansions included, but I haven't fired it up since I completed the SP stuff. enjoyable, but don't think there's a reason to pop back in?

    • reply
      August 25, 2016 4:12 PM

      Would this be a fun to play through coop with a buddy on? Or is more MMO where we would need to group up with others to finish it?

      • reply
        August 25, 2016 4:15 PM

        the former

        • reply
          August 25, 2016 4:16 PM

          So boarderlands style with random people in the hubs? If so, that sounds alright

          • reply
            August 25, 2016 4:21 PM

            yeah it's kinda like destiny except you don't see random people in the game outside of the hubs, just in the dark zone areas where you fight tougher enemies and gather loot and call in a chopper to haul the loot oot. you can attack other players and there's some odd mechanics around going rogue.

      • reply
        August 25, 2016 4:40 PM

        I jumped back on when my cousin was playing level 25 up. It's really good!

        • reply
          August 25, 2016 4:44 PM

          Nice, we've played through the latest saints row, Divinity Original Sin, Borderland 2 and Resident Evil 5 coop and its always nice finding a new coop game to play through

    • reply
      August 25, 2016 4:18 PM

      I haven't really touched my copy. Is it even worth playing at this point?

      • reply
        August 25, 2016 4:37 PM

        The journey from 1-30 was fun, some what repetitive but the storeyline/premise was cool. Then once you hit 30 there wasn't much to do back then there is more now but still game was fun initially but too little content.

        Plenty of bugs, game breaking exploits/abuse they allowed and didn't fix timely ruined a lot of the game.

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