Pokemon Go Update coming with advice on best bets for battle

Minor bot fixes are being implemented as well.


Need advice on what the best Pokemon are when faced with a particular opponent at a gym in Pokemon Go? Niantic is finally implementing some advice for the rock, paper, scissors mechanics the game uses when the pocket monsters go at each other.

In an update note on the official site, Ninatic explained that the new team leaders will give information on the attack and defense capabilities of Pokemon you choose, while telling you the combinations that will offer the best chance of success. Previously, attack and defense ratings and other combat info were relegated to the background, and only data mining charts offered any clue to players new to the genre what would work best besides the random hit & miss approach.

In addition, Ninatic said they will add minor bot fixes, while still pushing toward new feature. The company has said that trading and individual battles would eventually make their way into the game.

The patch, when it is officially released, be 1.5.0 for iOS and 0.35.0 for Android. No timeframe has been given yet, but Niantic has said they are trying to keep to a schedule of a new update every two weeks.

The company aslo said last week that it will continue to ban accounts that show signs of cheating, or players trying to take unfair advantage of the system. If you get hit with a ban, you can appeal, but when in doubt, just play the game the way it was intended.

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