Tyranny takes you behind the scenes in new developer diary video series

In the clash between good and evil, Evil has won. Find out how that world was created.


Obsidian Entertainment loves its isometric RPGs. Just look at Pillars of Eternity. So when it's new IP Tyranny was announced, RPG fans sat up an paid attention. We got some details at E3, but a new video series from Obsidian and publisher Paradox takes us behind the scenes on the making of the game.

Various members of the dev team give us some background on the world where the battle between good and evil is over and evil has won. But there are still a few pockets of resistance in the world, and the game will begin in one of those areas. Your character takes on the role of a "bad cop," who must enforce the rules in the area. But as with all good RPGs, your actions - good or evil - can bring additional consequences and twists in the gameplay narrative.

The video is the first of three in a series discussing the game's development. It is scheduled for release on PC some time later this year. 

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