Tyranny is the next game from Obsidian Entertainment

Paradox Interactive brought several games to its Game Developers Conference press briefing, but there was one game in particular that was being kept under wraps all the way through showtime. Tonight, Paradox revealed that game and it's from the rejuvenated folks at Obsidian Entertainment. With Pillars of Eternity and its expansions out the door, Obsidian is returning to the world of role-playing with an entirely new adventure called Tyranny.

Tyranny should look familiar to a number of Pillars of Eternity players, as it will utilize the same isometric RPG style from Obsidian's KIckstarter-funded effort. The difference this time around will be that publisher Paradox will be lending its resources from the ground-up. The story will also take something of a different turn, as it will not so much center around a struggle between good and evil, but rather focus on the aftermath of a clash in which evil has prevailed.

More information on Tyranny is forthcoming, but in the meantime, check out the teaser below.

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