Star Wars: The Old Republic story brings The Battle for Odessen next month

The final chapter for Knights of the Fallen Empire launches on August 11.


Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire has been progressing its story gradually each month, leading to its final DLC chapter, The Battle for Odessen. Developer BioWare has revealed that this installment will hit on August 11.

In this chapter, Emperor Arcann takes the battle to the Outlander's base, which is still feeling the effects of the betrayal of the renegade droid SCORPIO from this month's The Gemini Deception DLC. This chapter will set the stage for the next expansion for the game, Knights of the Eternal Throne, which was revealed at the recent Star Wars Celebration in London.

As with past DLC, you will get early access to it if you have been a subscriber since the first day of the month. So if you had an active paying account on July 1, you will get access to The Battle for Odessen on August 9, while everyone else will get it two days later.

If you are eager to try the game, the first chapter The Hunt for free.

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