Report: Nintendo NX controllers can detach from the console; may debut in September

A new report reveals a number of new information surrounding the Nintendo NX, including detachable controllers, the use of Nvidia's Tegra chip, and more.


A new report is pointing at the Nintendo NX possibly being a portable, handheld console with controllers that are able to detach from its display on either side of the handheld.

The report, published by Eurogamer, cites multiple sources that have confirmed its findings recently. The Nintendo NX is expected to run on Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processor and will have a dock station that can be used to connect to the “brain” of the console, which allows players to enjoy the handheld on their TV.

The Nintendo NX won’t support backwards compatibility due to its radical change in hardware design and its internal specs. It’ll also run on a new operating system, although it won’t just run on Android, and we’re once again hearing it’ll support game cartridges as well as digital downloads, although its internal storage may not exceed 32GB. If that’s the case, hopefully Nintendo allows the NX to support microSD cards, like its New 3DS, to help expand its internal storage a bit.

The report also claims the Nintendo NX is currently slated for a September unveiling, although with its expected release in early 2017, it’s strange to unveil the handheld at that time without any plans to release it in time for Holiday 2016. A September unveiling would only hurt Nintendo as shoppers wouldn’t purchase a Wii U knowing the NX release is right around the corner. If Nintendo is planning on unveiling it in September 2016, we hope that means the Nintendo NX's release has been pushed up as well, or else there are going to be a lot of lonely Wii U consoles out on retailer shelves.

If everything in this report turns out to be true, we could see why Nintendo would not want to unveil the NX too soon, although where's the VR integration?

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      July 26, 2016 9:20 AM

      I could see Nintendo not wanting to incorporate VR into their system, betting that it won't take off. However, if it really only has 32GB of storage, I am going to be very disappointed. That piece of information makes me wonder what the games will be like. I mean, Xenoblade? was like half that size, and the WiiU HD already was too small to make digital purchases worth it. I don't want to be buying physical games anymore, so I want systems that have a lot of storage.

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