Crackdown 3 jumps past 2016 release due to ongoing campaign work

Don't worry, Agents. It appears Crackdown 3's campaign will be 'the most fully featured campaign' in the history of the series.


It’s been a long time since Microsoft gave us any new information regarding Crackdown 3, which its gameplay trailer debuted at Gamescom 2015. It appears there was a reason for Microsoft’s radio silence as it turns out the game just isn’t ready yet, and as a result, won’t be released in 2016.

While we already knew Crackdown 3 wouldn’t be available to play this holiday season, Microsoft Studios general manager Shannon Loftis spoke with Game Informer as to why exactly the game has been delayed. “Development has been going incredibly well,” she says in the interview, “... but we want to launch our online beta so that it’s not too far in advance of the complete campaign. It’s actually the campaign that we’re doubling down on now. ...We’re starting now to get the campaign in.”

According to Loftis, fans of the series can expect a more responsive world in Crackdown 3 than ever before. “So the Crackdown campaign is definitely the most fully featured campaign we’ve ever done. It’s basically running a sim on top of the traditional Crackdown environment. We created this thing called a ‘hate table.’ Depending on what you choose to destroy in the environment, there will be massive, big reactions all over the city. Gangs will get together against you.”

While Loftis didn’t disclose as to when she believed Crackdown, or its online beta, would be released, we do know Microsoft promised gamers the beta would take place in 2016. Hopefully with the delay of Crackdown 3 out of 2016, Cloudgine can use any information it gathered during that time to make an even better product when it (hopefully) releases in 2017.

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