Crackdown coming to Xbox One from Cloudgine

Update: The original post indicated that Crackdown was being developed by Platinum Games. This is not the case, as it is being developed by Cloudgine. Shacknews regrets this error and has updated the post.

A new Xbox One-exclusive was revealed at this year's Microsoft E3 Media Briefing and it's the return of an old favorite. That's right, Crackdown is back, bringing crime-busting action to a new neon city and it will feature full co-op action. It's coming from Cloudgine, comprised of former Crackdown developers, meaning more of the manic action of the original.

The trailer revealed a borderline Rube Goldberg-ian chain of events that led to an exploding tanker truck getting set off by a sniper rifle, sending it flying into a skyscraper and completely toppling it. Yes, it's Crackdown, folks.