The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - How to Get Armor Dyes

Learn how to express yourself with armor dyes in The Witcher 3’s newest expansion pack, Blood and Wine.


Armor dyes are a new thing to the world of the Witcher, and they’re a really interesting addition to Geralt’s way of life. The land of Toussaint is ripe with cheery and colorful clothing, but what if you want to use your Witcher gear, and not look completely out of place? That’s where armor dyes come into play, and this guide will teach you all about them, including how to obtain them.

There are three basic ways to acquire armor dyes. The first way, to purchase them from vendors, is the simplest. It requires only Crowns to achieve, and isn’t at all hard to accomplish. The second way, crafting, is a much more involved method. In order to craft new dyes, you have to first find the recipe. That’s right, dyes work exactly like any other alchemical item in Geralt’s world. Once you find the diagram, which can mostly be obtained through looting, you can then gather up the ingredients needed and craft as many armor dyes as you want, assuming you have the color you need. The final way to find dyes is to simply loot them off of enemies, and out of containers. This is the most random way, so be prepared to go for a long time without finding any if this is the main way that you search for them.

But where do you buy dyes from? Surely all merchants sell these shiny new items, right? Wrong. While we have seen instances of dyes appearing in regular merchant inventories, most of the time you will only be able to find them at the Dye Merchant, who is located in Beauclair Port. We haven’t yet seen him selling any recipes, however, that may chance after the expansion pack has been out for a bit. He can be found here:

Once you have some dyes, using them is simple. Open up your inventory, which is now easier than ever to access thanks to the update inventory system. Now locate the dye you wish to use and select it. Once you have selected the dye, select the piece of gear you would like to dye.

You should be given a clear representation of what it will look like before actually dyeing your gear. If you like what you see, go ahead and accept the dye and exit out of your inventory to get a full view of your work.

But what if you don’t like the dye? That’s where Dye Remover comes into play. Use Dye Remover the same way you used your dyes, and your gear will be returned to its default look, removing any strange combinations of colors that you might have ‘accidentally’ equipped during your experimentation. Just remember, once dyes are used, that’s it, you can’t remove it and then reuse that same dye. You’ll have to either buy more, find more, or craft more, depending on what you have access to at the time.

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