How to get the Grandmaster Wolven Gear set in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Find out how to get this new Grandmaster set of Witcher gear in the beautiful land of Toussaint.


The Grandmaster Wolven Gear is one set of new Witcher Gear that players can acquire to help raise Geralt’s defensive capabilities. On top of having better stats, most of the gear looks a lot nicer than the previous Witcher gear, and gives players an easy way to keep their style anchored in the ways of the Witcher. This guide will teach you how to find the Grandmaster Wolven Gear in The Witcher 3, by way of the quest Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven Gear.

To obtain this quest you’ll need to speak with the Grandmaster Smith, who can be found just south of Gran Place. Once you speak with him you will obtain the Master, Master, Master side quest.

Speak to the smith and ask him about the different types of Grandmaster armor he knows the locations of, and you will unlock all the Scavenger Hunt side quests.

Your first job is to head to the camp where a group of archeologists were once camped. This place is Termes Palace Ruins, which can be found pretty easily be following the marker on your map. Once you arrive at the location you need to search for the diggers’ campsite, and locate Isabelle Duchamp’s journal. Read the entry to update your quest to find the entrance to the chambers under the ruins.

Now head around the ruins and look for a doorway with a purple barrier blocking the way.

You’ll need the Purple Ruby that Isabelle Duchamp was talking about in her letter. Luckily you can find it, as well as George Herbert’s Letter (which gives more information about the quest area), just to the right of the purple barrier, on a corpse, outside.

Once you have the Purple Ruby, activate the jewel holder on the wall to the right of the barrier. This will lower the magic barrier, and allow you access to the chamber ruins beneath the palace. Make sure you have your Yrden sign ready, as there are Barghasts, and Wraiths to deal with inside.

Once you’ve made it inside, you need to look for two distinctive things. The first thing is a Witcher’s Satchel, which can be found in the room with the tomb enscription. Locate the room, it’s the one with several torches, and the tomb jutting from the lower level, and then use your Witcher Sense to locate the Witcher Satchel on the ground.

This contains Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven Armor, Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven Trousers, and Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven Boots.

With half the needed parts in your inventory, it’s time to continue searching for the rest of the Grandmaster Wolven gear. Continue through the ruins, being wary of the Wraiths and Barghasts, as well as the Giant Centipede which protects a cavernous area that you’ll need to travel through.

Your next goal is to reach an area with a cave-in. This area is the resting place of the Witcher who tried to help the archeologists. Sadly his life was cut short trying to stop the creatures from killing them.

The final pieces of the Grandmaster Wolven gear set can be found on the Witcher’s corpse. Loot it to obtain the Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven Steel Sword, Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven Silver Sword, and the Diagram: Grandmaster Wolven Gauntlets. This will complete the Grandmaster Wolven set, which will allow you to craft it at the Grandmaster Smith.

If you haven’t crafted any of the armor pieces for the new sets yet, this will also complete the Master, Master, Master side quest.

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