Capcom has three 'major' unannounced games releasing by April 2017

Three 'major' uannounced games are currently in the pipeline over at Capcom. What could they be?


We learned Capcom has some big plans for the Resident Evil series later this year, and today, the company revealed it plans on launching three unannounced “major” games by April 2017, one of which is a Monster Hunter game.

While we don’t know what the two unannounced major titles are, what we do know is how Capcom expects them to sell. Capcom forecasts Major Title 1 will sell around 4 million units, while Major Title 2 is expected to sell around 2 million units. The upcoming Monster Hunter game is also expected to sell around 2 million units.

Major Title 1’s 4 million units forecast indicates the game may be something within one of Capcom’s established series, rather than a completely new property. Considering the publisher plans on launching a full-scale offensive for the Resident Evil series this year, we have a feeling this could be its Major Title 1.

While we continue to scratch our heads to try to figure out what the two unannounced titles can be, what do you hope they announce? Let us know in Chatty.

[Via VideoGamer]

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