Monster Hunter Generations brings new monsters, fighting styles to 3DS this summer

Four new styles give you new tactics for hunting, fighting, and collecting monsters.


Back in March, we learned a trademark had been filed for Monster Hunter Generations. Capcom let the cat all the way out of the bag by officially announcing the game and detailing some of the new features fans of the series can expect when it hits 3DS and New 3DS systems this summer.

Touted as the most customizable entry in the series, Monster Hunter Generations lets you create characters by mashing up styles and Hunter Arts. Generations will introduce four styles total: Aerial, Adept, Striker, and Guild. As you would expect, each style opens up ways for you to use the game's weapons.

Aerial style gives you a jumping ability to attack monsters from above, while Adept rewards counterattacks by bequeathing more tactical and dodging options based on your current weapon. Striker style asks you to build up Hunter Arts and then unleash them for super-damaging attacks. Finally, Guild style imbues each of Generations' 14 weapons with classic move sets that should feel familiar to anyone who played Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

"Each Style also allows access to different Hunter Arts, indispensable combat skills and power-ups that can be unleashed with the tap of a button when charged, making it easy to execute these special moves," per Capcom's press release.

Along with styles and Hunter Arts, you'll get to explore 21 hunting locations across four villages, as well as "collaboration content," themed gear based on Fire Emblem, Mega Man, and other popular franchises.

As a heads-up, prepare to free up some blocks ('90s-era jargon for megabytes) if you want to buy the digital version of Monster Hunter Generations. Nintendo Life reports that the game will eat up 12,534 blocks, or approximately 1.56 GB of storage.

Don't have a New 3DS? No worries: you'll still be able to play Monster Hunter Generations, although Capcom will offer New 3DS owners enhancements such as sharper graphics and the ability to map Hunter Arts to the ZL and ZR triggers.

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